How it works?

The origin of overweight or obesity isn’t as simple as it seems. The body’s systems, like nervous system, hormones and immune responses, all play a role. They can get out of balance, making it harder to lose weight. Even if someone tries to eat better and exercise more, it doesn’t always work well enough. That’s why scientists are looking into different treatments, like acupuncture.

Studies have looked into how acupuncture helps with obesity. They found that acupuncture affects different substances in the body like hormones, neurotransmitters, and others. This helps reduce inflammation, control appetite, regulates lipid metabolism, and promotes browning of white adipose tissue.

What acupuncture style do we use for weight loss?

With the increasing popularity of acupuncture for weight loss in recent decades, various styles have emerged.

Primarily, we employ traditional Chinese acupuncture methods along with evidence-based approaches. We utilize traditional techniques to regulate Qi, soothe liver qi stagnation, tonify spleen Qi, and eliminate dampness. Additionally, we integrate insights from the extensive research conducted on acupuncture for weight loss over the past few decades, as this knowledge is invaluable. In the context of Western medicine, our focus is on addressing leptin resistance and chronic systemic low-grade inflammation.

Moreover, we also take into account factors such as stress, constipation, insufficient sleep, and insulin resistance, as addressing these issues is crucial for achieving favorable outcomes.

What to expect after acupuncture session?

Typically, our approach involves setting personalized goals, according to individual circumstances. For instance, a common goal might be to lose 1 lb per week. We then adjust our treatment strategies to align with these objectives.

patients often also experience improvements in digestion, sleep quality, and stress reduction.