Spring Health Tips And These Acupressure Points Will Help You Thrive

In spring, everything comes to life. It’s a time when nature wakes up from its winter slumber, sprouting new shoots and branches, filling the world with vitality and renewal.

During these months, it’s important to follow the ‘way of nature’ for good health. That means rising early in the morning, wearing loose clothing to allow your body to move freely, and taking leisurely walks in your courtyard to avoid the harsh spring winds. Spring can be chilly, and exposing yourself to cold winds can harm your body’s Yang Qi. So, it’s like the saying goes, ‘cover-up in spring’.

In the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, it’s also said that springtime is when your dreams and ambitions start to awaken after lying dormant during winter. Don’t hold them back too much. Support and uplift each other as friends because the fate of the entire year hinges on the spring season. This is how we promote good health in spring. Ignoring this could impact your mood, and harm liver Qi.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is associated with the wood element and is particularly active in spring. Emotionally, the liver Qi prefers to be free-flowing rather than repressed. So, it’s important to nurture the liver during spring.

Apart from following these principles, there are specific acupressure points that can help regulate liver function: Hegu (LI4) and Taichong (LR3).

Hegu (LI4) is an acupoint on the Large Intestine Meridian of Hand Yangming, which is rich in Qi and blood and can regulate the body’s overall energy flow.  To find it, simply locate the spot on your hand that’s right next to the midpoint of your index finger’s metacarpal bone. When you press on this point, you might feel a bit tender.

Taichong (LR3) is a point on the Liver Meridian of Foot Jueyin, which regulates the storage and release of blood. To find it: On the top of your foot, between the big toe and the next toe, there’s a little hollow area just below where the bones of those toes meet.

Stimulating these points helps balance the circulation of both Qi and blood in the liver, promoting emotional well-being. By regularly stimulating these points, you can make it a habit to keep your liver energy flowing smoothly and maintain mental clarity.


Here’s how to stimulate these points, please refer to this article: 

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Using acupressure on these points helps regulate the flow of Qi and blood, but it’s not recommended for pregnant women.”

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