Autumn Health Tips 秋季养生

Autumn, symbolized by the metal element in traditional Chinese philosophy, is closely associated with our lungs. At this time, the yang energy in nature wanes daily, the yin energy grows daily, and there’s less rain, making the dominant energy of the season “dryness (燥)”.

This dry environment can affect our lungs, leading to symptoms like dry skin, throat, and other signs of dehydration. To counteract this, it’s important to focus on foods and habits that moisturize and nourish the body.

Boosting Hydration

In traditional terms, this is known as “nourishing yin 养阴”. As the autumn season starts, hydration becomes crucial. One easy way to do this is by incorporating honey into your diet. You can mix honey in warm water or combine it with fresh fruit juices. Pears, in particular, when filled with honey and steamed, are great for moisturizing the body. Honey also complements cold dishes and seasonal fruits.

However, honey might not be suitable for everyone, especially for those with specific health conditions. If honey isn’t your thing, focus on foods like lotus seeds, yams, dates, spinach, figs, and radishes. Traditional herbs like goji berries and American ginseng can also be beneficial.

Lung Care in Autumn

The dryness prevalent in autumn can impact our respiratory health. To counteract this, incorporate foods like black chicken, lotus root, and pears into your diet. Pears, being naturally juicy, can help moisturize the lungs and can be consumed in various ways – eaten raw, juiced, or stewed.

Dietary Tips for Autumn

√Stay Hydrated Drink plenty of water to keep your body’s hydration levels balanced.
√Eat Fresh Veggies and Fruits They provide essential vitamins and minerals and help detoxify the body. Opt for vegetables like spinach, winter melon, and cucumber.
√Incorporate Protein Consume protein-rich plant foods and easily digestible meats.
√Limit Cold Foods As the weather gets cooler, it’s best to consume warm, nourishing foods to boost immunity and maintain good skin.
√Reduce Spicy and Fried Foods Avoid excessive spicy foods, strong alcohol, and oily dishes to keep the body balanced.
√Moderation is Key With the bounty of autumn, it’s tempting to overeat. Be mindful of portion sizes and don’t indulge excessively.

Exercise and Well-being

Even as temperatures drop, outdoor activities can boost digestion and appetite. Opt for moderate exercises like walking, jogging, or Tai Chi. Remember to drink water and stay hydrated.

Also, if you’re open to trying, acupressure is a traditional method believed to boost well-being. By pressing specific points on the body for a few minutes daily, it’s said to bring about various health benefits. For example, to nourish yin and Lung: LU5 Chizhe and SP6 Sanyinjiao acupoints.

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